Wednesday, 2 January 2013

About Stockcat

"To share quality commentary & analysis with New Zealand stock market investors"

The Stockcat blog was created to share good-quality commentary and analysis on all matters relating to investing in the New Zealand stock market, so you as an investor:

  • can make more robust investment decisions;
  • deepen your investing education; and
  • have a place to share your views

Stockcat is a free resource for all.

What makes Stockcat different?

Stockcat blogs generally cover one of three topics:

  • Companies - to help inform your decisions about companies to invest in
  • Economies - to highlight risks to your portfolio's value and implications for investment timing
  • Strategies - to share investment strategies that could benefit your portfolio

Whilst other market commentators share their views on these topics, Stockcat aims to be different by expressing a frank opinion that is supported by robust logical or empirical analysis.

Professional commentators are often restrained from expressing a frank opinion by legal risk or their firms internal policies. On the flipside, amateur commentators express a frank opinion, but often it's not supported by robust analysis. The Stockcat blog aims to marry the best of both worlds.

Stockcat also aims to differentiate by sharing excel models and analysis (see Spreadsheets).

What other commentary should I read?

Good investment decisions are underpinned by considering a broad range of views. As such, Stockcat suggests that investors read other commentary in conjunction with this blog.

Stockcat recommends any material by a good stockbroking firm and by the commentators found on the blog's links page.

What are Stockcat's credentials?

'Stockcat' is a pseudonym that allows the writer of the blog to express a frank opinion without identifying himself / herself.

The writer has a postgraduate Honours degree in Finance, experience working in investment banking and public sector finance, and invests in New Zealand stocks on a personal basis.

Stockcat is not a qualified financial adviser, and does not intend this blog to be construed as investment advice.

I welcome you to the Stockcat blog. Please feel free to share your views, and my commentary, with other readers

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